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Donate your dog's hair to soak up oil in the Gulf! Pawleen did it-


 A gallon of oil will adhere to a little more than a pound of hair in just two minutes.

Keeping Pawleen warm

Shaving a Great Pyrenees is something not everyone believes in doing. They have sensitive, pink skin and their coat is a protector. The first few days after a shave, it's important to keep them out of the sun. With the Texas heat, all that hair has given her a little heat stroke in past years when I didn't shave her. When she was 6 or 7, I decided to try it. She turned back into a puppy! She does much better all summer long, and sometimes a second shave is needed with our long summers.

It's also important to help them adjust to losing their coat. Pawleen was cold the first two nights. She came inside to sleep where it was warmer, and she still needed a blanket. This was a first, and it's probably because of her age (12 now). Pawleen can sleep indoors or out, whichever she prefers. Normally it's wherever it's coolest.


After two nights, she's well adjusted.

Pawleen relaxing after her haircut


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