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Taller Dog: Photos

Dog Photos

Young beauties in California
Monkey Tail
You came home!
I'm five! (2003)
waiting for a walk :-}
Dogs rule the streets in Edinburgh
Greyfriar's Bobby (Edinburgh)
I'm Chance. I live in Toronto.
Never mind me...
Pawl the polar bear insults Pawleen the Pyrenees
Monty, the super golden, in California
Bridget and Doug figure out the computer together
Recklinghausen, Germany - internet cafe hospitality
Two happy campers
Darcie's Taller Dog logo- drawn BEFORE she got Pawleen!
Fine. Take my picture. Then, can I roll in the mud?
You're leaving again
I'm hot
I'm just waiting for a walk. This biscuit isn't fooling me...
Is it now? I've waited long enough! I know how long "soon" is
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