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Taller Dog: Guestbook

Arnie Carlson

April 14, 2011

I was just listening to Cotton Eyed Joe, the one I got from the old, thought I would Google you.
Found you! Hey, love your voice and your music. Guess that means I'm a fan. Arnie Carlson from Minnesota.

Laura Thomas

October 17, 2010

Hi Darcie, Great to meet you in Ottawa! I am still here and the computers were free so thought I would look you up! I look forward to playing music with you one of these days!

Richard Champion

August 4, 2009


Your performance at the Blue Door in Oklahoma City Monday August 3, 2009 was a KNOCK OUT! Thanks for visiting our little city! That first tune, "It's a Bird" hit deep, and why tears came to me is something I must feel again! Keep on a pickin' Lady!

Martin Paul

January 16, 2009

Hey, Darcie! It's been a long, long time, eh? Glad to see you're still keepin' on keepin' on. Still one of the great honors of my life to share the stage w/ you back in the day w/ Doak. Just downloaded a couple songs from "Livin' On The Lucky Side" on iTunes - as ever, you rock!
Hope to catch you @ the Mucky Duck show in Feb.

All the best to ya' -


Cecil Cole

December 21, 2008

What a cosmic coincidence yesterday. Immediately after hearing Tom Pittman talk about you joining the LL, I walked into the store, and you approached me smiling, like you were waiting for me. Of course, I didn't know it was you until after you spent so much time helping me & we chatted about music.

Anyway it was great to meet you. In my dull business life, it's so nice to meet people who share my passion for music, both playing & listening. I'll be watching for your gigs in the Austin area.

Merry Christmas,


December 10, 2008

just listened to junes' dream... really nice.... march just around the corner... time to start thinking about .... zzzzzz

xx h

I'd like to think that the "June's Dream soundtrack" put you into a dreamy state, rather than what's around the corner in March!


August 12, 2008

Hey Darcie!!! I finnaly got a email address thanks to you!!! I guess i'll see you later today!! You Rock!!!


June 26, 2008

Hey Darcie!
Not sure if you remember me, or my mother, but we were sitting next to you on the plane ride back to Texas, with our Therapy dog Thor! My mother has your email, just hasnt gotten a chance to contact you. I wish you luck with your music!


May 13, 2008

Thanks for sittin' in with Chloe at Artz last weekend. Have a great time in Europe.

mike c

January 15, 2008

Can't wait to see you in beautiful Costa Rica!

Love ya,

Floyd Domino

September 23, 2007

Great design. Works for me.


phil lancaster

September 23, 2007

Darcie, Keep the designs coming. I don't see anything wrong with the one currently. It only comes up using a small proportion of my screen, it could be twice as big for old eyes like mine. Phil

Nancy Fly

September 20, 2007

Awesome that my name follow Tom Rhodes in you guest book! Does this mean that I'm back on your email list?



Tom Rhodes

September 19, 2007

Hi Darcie,

You Rock!


Lainie Lamb

September 19, 2007

Hey Darcie- I am going to blow up the liner notes to your latest CD and hang it in my salon- My little claim to fame. Thank you for thanking me! Anytime you want to play with your hair, you just let me know! xoxoxoxoxoxo

David Kirchner

September 18, 2007

Hello Darcie,

Thanks for keepin' in touch.

I hope you are doing well - - and totally recovered now. BTW, I spoke with your ol' bud, John McEuen awhile back. He's doin' great.

I might be in Austin next month, and maybe we will see each other then.

Take care, and keep singing, dancing, and strummin',,,



Tony Tyson

April 8, 2007

Hay Darcie!You sounded great with Toni @ The Continentral the other night.I see Toni every year,whilst in Tha HIllcountry, & thought Ya'lls show was one of her best I've seen..Hope you're doing well,& it's great seeing such a talented Cowgyrl again,specialy around fellow fiddler,Champ Hood's Memorial.Take care,hope to see you tear the stage up,along with Toni again soon,Ya'll keep on pickin'!.........Sorry fer "Name Droppin'".........Adios,Tony @ S.Austin


March 10, 2007

I was at the Austin Airport and saw you sing and play on Friday. You were so wonderful. I enjoyed it so very much. It was a joy to listen to you and a pleasure to meet you.

Jimmy from

Marie Reed

October 29, 2006

Hi Darcie,
You recently wrote about hearing the sounds around you - citing an experience with a celing fan. I want to share an experience I had after that:
I was sitting in a room whose doors don't close tightly, so that when the wind blows it "whistles" or "howls". I had never really listened to this before; it was just a really annoying sound in a room I try to avoid.
However after reading your posting in your music tips, I was again in this room and the wind was really blowing. So I really listened to it for the first time. What I heard were really interesting "chords". The sounds were rising and falling, and mostly dissonant. The harder the wind blows, the more notes are added to the chord, so the more dissonant it becomes. As I listened to this, I had an insight about why the howling wind is disturbing to us. It is not just another noise, but it's a chorus of noises and because of it's dissonance, it is generally displeasing to us (certainly to me!). Thanks for making me aware of really listening in a different way to the sounds
around me. It was a really interesting experience and one that I will pay more attention to in the future.


October 27, 2006

hey manycomments j

Mike Breen

October 26, 2006

Dear Darcie,

Here's wishing you a fast recovery. I wish I could be there at the benefit. I want to come visit you in Austin in '07 if you're up for hangin' out.
All the best to you.


David Kirchner

October 26, 2006

I just learned about your benefit event at Threadgill's on November the First, 2006.

If all goes well, I might be able to make it. I plan to travel from Phoenix to Austin on that date, but I am not certain when I will arrive.

Take good care of yourself, and I will hope to see you soon.


Charlie Austin

July 24, 2006

Dear Darcie,
I just read your music tip about breaking your favorite bow. I know what you mean. A couple of months after Katrina, I was still running around kind of frantic and dropped a very heavy window on the middle finger of my fretting hand. I thought I lost it. It looked like asmashed grape. My first thought was that I would never play guitar or mando again. Panic, bummer. In order not to lose my mind, I told myself I could still sing and play harmonica and maybe lap steel. Anyway, my sweet heart convinced me to buy a little guitar to rehab with and I did. In fact I love that little Martin since I don't have to worry about messing it up outside by the fire or in the boat or on the plane or whatever. So from November to february the finger was kind of shot but now oulala. Better than ever. I actually ended up playing more and wound up with two new guitars. Need another mando, Bruce Weber.
I hope things turn out the same for you. I know they will. It's all just stuff at the end of the day and we're just a radio. Hope to see you soon

Sandy Greenberg

July 20, 2006

Hiya, Darcie -

Wishing you a lyrical birthday, and a year ahead of healing, wielding your instruments to build great music & understanding, and steps toward putting your talents & energies into starting on the road to fruition, some of those many splendid projects you've got in your head and heart.
Thanks for a great concert tonight with Tish Hinojosa & Marvin (?). Love your music - thanks for making Tornado in Slo Mo available - can't wait to listen to it again tomorrow...
(((hugs, & success/prosperity good wishes)))
Sandy (in Santa Cruz on vacation from Silicon Valley!)


June 28, 2006

Very sorry to hear of your accident -- I guess you are probably already going to a holistic healer as well as those MD's. I had some similar things happen last year, and owe complete recovery to chinese acupuncture, chinese tonic herbs from, plus purifying diet change and hands-on adjustments healing therapy (something between chiro. Reiki and physical therapy etc...) -- so get to these things when you can. There are some of them here in Tallahassee, but surely Austin has some cool ones too. I hope you are healing as quickly as possible... if you need absolutely anything at all to help with the healing or with anything that's going on with you now in life and music, please let me know. If I can make it happen, I surely will. Your site looks great -- what a creative output! Also, finally got some good creative news on my side too -- things are moving along. All the best to you, Darcie ... safe home, ken