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Taller Dog: TD bios


Darcie Deaville - co-founder

"Pilots and musicians are of the same breed. They all have their heads in the clouds", Darcie muses. Born in Toronto to a journalist/pilot mother and a bush helicopter pilot father, she started her childhood in Northern Canada, constantly moving around the North American continent, from one culture to another. At 16, Darcie struck out on her own, continuing to "pay her dues", making her living on the streets of Toronto playing guitar. Finally finding home in Austin, TX, Darcie is well known for her fiery fiddling and singing her songs, and with other artists including Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eliza Gilkyson, Toni Price, Slaid Cleaves, Tish Hinojosa, The Meat Purveyors, and now, the Austin Lounge Lizards. Darcie’s versatility has been her strength. In the past few years she has developed her own personal way of coaching music for adults and kids of all ages. Her involvement in theatre has kept her busy in Canada, Austria, Italy, Prague, Scotland, and NYC. In 2007 she released her 5th CD, "Livin' on the Lucky Side.” Her alter ego/evil twin fiddle sister, Marcie Mercy, assists. Darcie and Marcie also team up to perform, write stories, and produce the odd CD or two for other artists. They look forward to their new life as a lizard. For a listing of recordings Darcie has played on, click here:|DEAVILLE&sql=11:dpfrxq9hldje~T4 This isn't a complete listing, but it's better than the list we've come up with! 'Intelligent, warmly satisfying and touching. At home on an assortment of instruments, Darcie Deaville is not to be overlooked....' — The New York Times '[Darcie] shows a talent for songwriting and storytelling on a par with Rory Block and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Clearly, Deaville is one to watch.' — Kerry Dexter, Dirty Linen "[Darcie Deaville] provides the fiery fiddling and the wild-eyed stares that fans fear to love and love to fear." — The Meat Purveyors Darcie here, to say hi and tell you a little more about myself in my own words. I play a bunch of instruments. Some well, some not so well, but that doesn’t stop me! I love music from around the world, and have an interesting stringed instrument collection. When asked if I could play the saxophone for a play, I said “Sure! I’ll learn! I’ve always wanted to be able to play the sax.” And I did. I’m limited, to be sure, but I love it. Pawleen hated my practicing. As soon as she saw me pick up the case, she’d run for the door. But, she loves to hear me play the piano. I started on the piano when I was about two. I believe we can all play or sing something, even just a little, and sound good. All anyone has to do is be true to his or her nature, and not judge herself. And we all need to accept a little guidance now and then to allow it to happen. I wrote a play, a book, I’ve had a weekly column published, I love to travel and see how other people live, and I love to stay home. I have so many more stories to share! If you'd like to read a story on me from the Austin Chronicle, go here: Jay Hardwig came to me wanting a bit on the bluegrass scene in Austin. As we got talking, he asked if he could write the story of a piece of my past instead. Lastly, you can look, listen, as well as buy things on or from this website. I run it myself, and I'm a little slow at this. Some things are sillier than others. Like my cartoon series "Yethmuth and Mister Snoot," two dogs who go on adventures, a little like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. I actually have greeting cards and fridge magnets and things. They’re under $5 if you want to give someone something original and, well, just plain silly. Or, you can look at music tips. I talk about musical issues that my students and other people bring up. You don’t have to pay to see these tips… they're FREE! Something good for free still exists! I’m hoping you’ll want to spend a little time and enjoy this website. To buy some of my CD’s I give you a secure link to CD Baby. And you can buy other Cd’s and gifts (music books, calendars are coming) – easily and securely.

The Austin Lounge Lizards - "Hilarious, endearing, and literary..." -Billboard

The Austin Lounge Lizards have delighted audiences from Texas to California, from Canada to the U.K., with their inventive style of satirical folk, country and bluegrass. Based in Austin, Texas, since they formed in 1980, the Lizards have honed their music into a knife-sharp art form. The Lizards' recording of the Irving Berlin chestnut, "C-U-B-A" was featured in Michael Moore's Oscar-nominated documentary, "Sicko," and they have recently been commissioned to write several advocacy songs for various consumer groups, including Consumers' Union. Read more...

Pawleen - co-founder/inspiration

Pawleen was born in a puppy mill somewhere in North Austin, TX. She quickly made her way to the Town Lake Animal Shelter, where she commanded Darcie by telepathy to come and get her. Two years prior, Darcie had drawn the Taller Dog Logo, so all made sense and they continue to live happily ever after. Pawleen is a Great Pyrenees, a working dog bred to guard sheep. Darcie is apparently a good substitute. Together they share unconditional love and music. Pawleen especially likes to howl with the train, and likes Darcie's fiddle playing. However, when Darcie pulls out her saxophone Pawleen is out the door as fast as possible.